I Love My Life - A Short Film by Nathan Tecson

One thing, I prayed: to see your beauty. To find you, in the place your glory dwells. And then along the already stunning walk…this.

#ALSicebucket Haters… watch this…

THE MOTH: The Best Storytellers in the World

Yes! To seeing the splendor of the ordinary and to photographing it. Meet Rick Smolan

100 Photographers, 24 Hours, 1 Mission
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Jason Gray - Story Behind the Song “Not Right Now”


What if…forgiveness is like sunlight brightly shining behind closed curtains? What if it’s somehow an already existing reality that we get to participate in, rather than something we try to make happen? What if…it’s actually possible to simply open the curtains and let it in?

Can we find within us, even the faintest “yes”?