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Jason Gray - Story Behind the Song “Not Right Now”


What if…forgiveness is like sunlight brightly shining behind closed curtains? What if it’s somehow an already existing reality that we get to participate in, rather than something we try to make happen? What if…it’s actually possible to simply open the curtains and let it in?

Can we find within us, even the faintest “yes”?



What if it’s true? That forgiveness and healing are realities that are already and always at work, and rather than having to conjure them up from somewhere deep within us, they are simply there…extending an invitation for us to participate?

What if it’s more like, “I GET to let forgiveness flow through me, to be a part of both the receiving and the giving, to be nourished and healed by this life-giving flow, and in the process to become an instrument of blessing the world?

Let’s. Say. Yes.



My heart is heavy tonight over the small story lines we settle for. And not only small, but destructive. Can we say yes to a collective self-examination of the stories we are living in? Is the biggest story we say yes to about the guy, or the girl, or going after getting our way at all costs, seeking after things or power or prestige, stepping on the toes of whoever gets in our way in the process, continuing the cycle of harm and pain in the world? Don’t we have enough evidence that the good life is not found in chasing after our own selfish gain?

All these stories and videos I’m curating are intended to shine a light on how human beings begin to flourish when we say Yes, not only to what is life-giving, but to the actual LIFE that wants to be lived in and through us.

Desmond TuTu has long said yes to this Life, and I’ve never heard a laugh quite as joyous as his.